Tony Foresta
Director of Photography

Tony Foresta is a two time Emmy Award winning cinematographer whose career encompasses several continents and many fields of expertise. From Beirut to Florida, Mr. Foresta has filmed wars, modified camera stabilization methods for everything from helicopters to motorcycles, done music videos, corporate projects and a long list of feature films, Dead Presidents, Puddle Cruisers and Blue Saloon, just to name a few. His clients include AT&T, CBS, ABC, IBM and even David Letterman, for whom he shot the popular opening sequence.

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Reaction DP/Steadicam JPT Films
Safe Harbor Steadicam/B Camera Spelling Entertainment Group
Alligator Alley DP/Steadicam
Dead Presidents Steadicam/Camera Operator Caravan Pictures
The Legend of Two Path DP/Steadicam Roanoke Productions
All Shook Up DP/Steadicam/Camera Operator Whitehair Pictures
Orleans Steadicam/Camera Operator Paramount Pictures
Deep Impact Camera Operator Dreamworks SKG/Paramount
First Time Felon Steadicam Operator HBO NYC Productions
The Cape Camera Operator MTM Entertainment
Puddle Cruiser DP/Steadicam/Camera Op. Fresh Gravy Productions
Here Comes Trouble Steadicam/Camera Op. Concorde/New Horizons
The Crew Steadicam Operator Cineville
Back Road Diner Steadicam Operator Mint Julep Productions
The Break Steadicam Operator Autumn Winds Productions
Taking Gary Feldman Aerial Operator Rockingham Entertainment
Tinfoil Monkey Agenda DP/Steadicam/Camera Op. Broken Lizard Films

PGA Tour Stop Steadicam Operator Kohl Pictures
Galaxy Foods DP/Camera Op. Avid/Neo Geo
American General DP/Camera Op. The Burkhard Agency
Universal Studios Steadicam Operator Universal Studios
American Express Steadicam Operator Levinger/Cohn Associates
International Paper Steadicam Operator Cyclops Productions
Fat Tuesdays DP/Steadicam/Camera Op. Ghost Rider Productions
Truly Nolen DP/Steadicam/Camera Op. Truly Nolen
Golf Talk Live DP/Steadicam/Camera Op. Golf Channel
National Dynamics DP/Steadicam/Camera Op. The Burkhard Agency
Massey Services DP/Steadicam/Camera Op. Hartley Johnson Productions
The Bronx Zoo DP/Camera Operator Serino Coyne
Water Mania DP/Steadicam/Camera Op. JHT Multimedia
Orlando Utilities Commission DP/Camera Operator The Burkhard Agency
Raymond James Financial DP/Steadicam/Camera Op. Raymond James & Assoc
Kelly Springfield Tires DP/Steadicam/Camera Op. Glen Lau Productions
General Nutrition Centers DP/Steadicam/Camera Op. Winner Communications
Citibank Aerial Operator The Image Group
Swept Away Resort DP/Steadicam/Camera Op. G.P.W.
Miss Saigon DP/Steadicam Op. Serino Coyne                   


Shania Twain
- " You Win My Love"

Steadicam The Collective
Faith Hill
- "You Can't Lose Me"
Steadicam The Collective

- "Everybody's Free"

DP/Steadicam Caesar Video

Late Night with David Letterman Aerial operator Cardboard Shoe Productions
The New Detectives Camera Operator New Dominion Pictures
The FBI Files Camera operator New Dominion Pictures
A.B.C. Network Anwar Sadat hosted by Barbara Walters
Arts & Entertainment Network Artist in America:
Jackson Pollock
– The Man and the Myth"
C.B.S. Network "Methadone:  I Want to Live" EMMY Award for Cinematography
Children's Television Workshop "3-2-1 Contact!"
HBO/Round Hill Productions Whispers from the White House
Leon Productions Backstage at the NYC Opera
W.N.E.T. Inside Nursing Homes EMMY Award for Cinematography
The 51st State
Bill Moyers Journal
Behind the Lines
ACM Productions Moving the Tin
The Willis Group Inside Broadway
Rusty Russell Productions Repouse: The Statue of Liberty
20/20 The Beach Boys
WQED Public Television Here Come the Puppets
CBS Cable Ruben Blades
Broadway Video Loony Tunes 50th
Anniversary Special
Alvin H. Perlmutter Bill Moyers:
Report from Philadelphia
Dave Grubin Productions The Poetry Festival at
Waterloo Village
**Documentary crew for Jimmy Carter - 1980 Presidential Campaign